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PS5-Exclusive Game List Breakdown

For the Players

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PlayStation’s motto “For the Players” is one that the company has proudly touted for years now. Despite their place as a market leader, the video game giant prides themselves on never letting anything cloud their image as a company that creates products with the consumer experience above all else. Microsoft will often double down on its specs, placing their incredible features and advancements in plain sight, but with the PS5, as Sony always has done, the games come first.

As a result, the PS5-exclusive lineup is already shining through, with over ten release-day exclusives coming to the platform. While Microsoft’s new Xbox can only tout three. And this isn’t even just a game of numbers, Sony is presenting us not only with more games, but a rich mix of reboots, sequels and altogether new IPs in both AAA and Indie formats for its players to sink their teeth into.

The Heavy Hitters

Image Credit: GamesRadar

Let’s start with some of the big guns; Horizon Forbidden West is the hotly awaited sequel to the PS4-exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn. It promises to let players revisit an expanded machine-overrun Neolithic-future again taking control of Aloy as she travels to California. Including an updated engine, new mechanics, and new machines, Horizon Forbidden West is sure to draw lots of fans to the PS5.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales, unlike Forbidden West is set to launch this year—yes in 2020. That means it will most likely be one of the launch titles released alongside, or very soon after, we get our hands on the PS5. Again, an iteration of a PS4 hit, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Miles Morales is the next chapter of the story, focusing on the titular character as Spider-Man who caught the hearts of fans in the recent film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Needless to say, this is again going to be a title filled with top-quality AAA sheen meaning this’ll be one for you if you’re a fan of Spider-man, the PS4 title, or if you just like the idea of swinging effortlessly around New York City.

Demon’s Souls is a game very close to our hearts. As die-hard From Software fans, we can say, without hesitation, that Demon’s Souls may be the very reason we exchange our cash for a PS5. It’s not a remaster but, a complete ground-up remake of the original 2009 PS3-exclusive headed by Bluepoint Games (who already revived Shadow of the Colossus two generations on). This title, likely becoming one of PS5’s release titles, will take players back to the origins of the Souls series—breathing fresh life into the game that kick-started the very souls-like genre that has dominated the 2010s.

Console (Not Platform) Exclusives

Image Credit: GamesRadar

It’s important to see how Sony really locked down the console market with this new generation, as many of the games are not necessarily exclusive to the platform, but rather will be console exclusives—meaning they may be widely available on PC with the only console edition being on the PS5.

Stepping slightly away from the foremost games Sony is pushing, we have Project Athia. If you’re yet to hear of this one take a moment, right now, to watch it’s trailer. It’s a truly breathtaking sight. Developed by Square Enix, Project Athia clearly takes visual cues from their recent work in the Final Fantasy Series, boasting extraordinary textures, lighting and combat. Project Athia will undoubtedly need to harness the entire power of next-gen in order to get anywhere close to the breathtaking visuals its trailer presents. Project Athia will be coming to PC, but will remain a PS5 console exclusive.

Two additional console-exclusive games that we are looking forward to are Bethesda’s upcoming Ghostwire: Tokyo and Annapurna’s Stray. These are two cyberpunk inspired neon-drenched titles with very different approaches to gameplay. In Ghostwire, you wield supernatural powers with your hands, Bioshock style, in a surreal Tokyo. And in Stray you play, well, a stray cat trying to find its way home through a robot-filled metropolis. They’re certainly two very disparate titles, both coming in 2021, but the point here is that Sony have exclusive console rights for the pair of them, among countless other AAA and indie titles.

Comprehensive List

Image Credit: Screen Rant

Although we have only highlighted a few of the PS5 platform and console-exclusive titles here, we wanted to provide the full list that has been confirmed by Sony so far:

·      Horizon Forbidden West

·      Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

·      Gran Turismo 7

·      Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart

·      Demon’s Souls

·      Project Athia

·      Returnal

·      Sackboy: A Big Adventure

·      Astro’s Playroom

·      Destruction AllStars

·      Godfall

·      Heavenly Bodies

·      Maquette

·      Worms Rumble

·      Stray

·      Ghostwire: Tokyo

·      Little Devil Inside (timed exclusive)

·      Quantum Error

·      Deathloop (timed exclusive)

·      Solar Ash

·      Goodbye Volcano High

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