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Everything We Learned From The PS5 Event

Sony Interactive Entertainment finally held its PS5 event on June 11th after some delay due to world events. While many were angry at Sony for delaying their groundbreaking event that promised to feature its newest generation console, the event went through without a hitch a week later.

The PS5 Was Finally Revealed

Image Credit: Sony

After much speculation that the PS5 would follow its rival, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, into a console design that looks like a refrigerator, Sony showcased the design of not one, but two PS5 systems. While it doesn’t look like a black box like the Xbox does, it does have a futuristic aesthetic to it.

The first system showcased at the PlayStation 5 event sports a Blu-ray drive. The second system will have no disc drive at all. While, at a glance, both systems look similar despite the disc-less system being slimmer, they both are a design, unlike anything we've ever seen from Sony. Unfortunately, Sony didn't reveal the prices of each at the PS5 event, so the question of, "how much do we need to save?" is still a mystery.

Demon’s Souls Is Getting A Remake

Image Credit: Digital Spy

Back in 2007, Demon’s Souls laid the foundation for a decade of souls-like games. This is not just a Demon’s Souls’ remaster, it is an entire remake from the ground up. The teaser for the game during the PS5 event showcased the PS5’s capabilities. The most impressive feat of the Demon’s Souls’ premiere was its resolution upgrade of 3840x2160. An upgrade that is supposedly native to the PS5. Unfortunately, there is no release date yet but the game looks promising.

Spider-Man Is Swinging To The PlayStation 5

Image Credit: Insomniac Games

Possibly one of the most exciting reveals during the PS5 event was the trailer showcasing the sequel to Insomniac Games’ wildly successful 2018 title: Marvel’s Spider-Man. However, this time, players will be web-slinging with Mile Morales as he works through his own powers. It’s exciting to think of the prospect of high-definition web-slinging, punches, and fast-traveling with the PS5’s ultra-fast SSD. Although it initially had its share of confusion, the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales has been confirmed for this holiday season.

Resident Evil 8 Raises The Bar For Survival Horror

Image Credit: Capcom

Gamers who enjoyed the change that Resident Evil 7 biohazard brought to the series will enjoy its sequel: Resident Evil Village. If you thought Resident Evil 7 biohazard looked ultra-realistic, then you’re going to be blown away by the visuals showcased at the PS5 event for Resident Evil Village. Capcom is using its in-house RE engine alongside the PS5’s capabilities to bring us a truly horrifying title that looks to be filled with werewolves and witches instead of the traditional zombie. Unfortunately, Resident Evil Village doesn’t look release until 2021.

Rockstar Still Isn’t Moving On From Grand Theft Auto V

Probably the most disappointing news coming out of the PS5 event was the Rockstar logo followed by the same title we've been playing for almost a decade: Grand Theft Auto V. While GTA V for the PlayStation 5 will have some visual and performance improvements to test the PS5's powerful hardware, it's still disappointing knowing we're just getting a brushed-up version of the same game that's already sold over a hundred million copies.

Horizon Forbidden West

Not much is known about the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, a series exclusive to the PlayStation, but it does show some gorgeous scenery and gameplay. The PS5’s ultra-fast SSD promises the game will have almost no loading time while traveling or restarting levels. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Horizon Forbidden West will be a launch game as its release date has been set to sometime in 2021.

The PS5 event was a spectacular showcase of Sony’s next-generation console and we’re excited to see where it brings us for a generation to come.

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