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Spider-Man: Miles Morales announced at the PlayStation 5 Event

The PlayStation 5 event had a lot of great announcements including what looked like a brand new Spider-Man game. It was already expected that a sequel would be underway for Marvel's 2018 Spider-Man and not only was a sequel announced, but it will also feature Miles Morales!

This alone is a big reason to buy a PlayStation 5 but Insomnia Games has had to clarify a few things, as there's been a lot of confusion about this particular PS5 exclusive. Though this hasn't helped very much.

The PlayStation 5 event showed us just a peek at the trailer for the upcoming game without too much information while the exclusive game is already under some scrutiny due to conflicting reports on its details.

What is Spider-Man: Miles Morales?

What was assumed to be a new game has been confirmed to be a “stand-alone game” by Insomniac Games. This has provided some clarity over the upcoming PlayStation 5 game which is something Sony executives didn't do during the CNet interviews.

Similarly to how Infamous: Second Son was the main game and then First Light was released as a separate title. In this case, the new Miles Morales game will be released as a separate title but for a different console generation.

However, there was no Spider-Man remaster announced at the PS5 event with one of the exclusive games actually announced being a stand-alone title set in that universe instead. There's still a lot of confusion from gamers regarding this game but we can confirm Spider-Man: Miles Morales is not an expansion or remake. We're still waiting for more news regarding if it will be released for PlayStation 4 as well.

More news from the PS5 event will be coming soon including more details on the exclusive games when we learn more about them. Information about the exclusive games announced from the PlayStation 5 will be coming later this year.

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