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How to use GeForce Now on Mac to Play Call of Duty Warzone
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Historically, gaming on a Mac has been notoriously difficult because video games require high processing power and compactness. Mac’s are not built for gaming, and they are hardly cost-effective in general, especially when compared to a PC built for gaming.

This article will show you how to play Warzone on your Mac. You can play Apex Legends or any other game that typically requires a powerful gaming PC with GeForce Now.

1. What is GeForce Now?

GeForce Now is a software you can download and run on your Mac. It uses “cloud gaming” technology, where it essentially screen shares from a powerful gaming PC that NVIDIA owns to your Mac. The virtual PC is then displayed on your Mac where you can control it with your keyboard and mouse. This way, your Mac doesn’t process the game, NVIDIA does, and your Mac only displays the video. The software connects to games you already own on Steam, Origin, or Uplay. It’s cheap, and it works well if you have fast internet connection.

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There are other cloud gaming services out right now such as Project xCloud, Google Stadia, and Vortex but none that work well on a Mac and are free to use.

NVIDIA GeForce Now Pricing

GeForce Now’s pricing has two tiers:

  1. Free version: You don’t have to pay for GeForce Now but you will be limited to one-hour game sessions. You can always close out the software after an hour and reboot it right away and continue playing. But if you enjoy a continuous long play, you might want to upgrade to the paid subscription
  2. Paid version: For $5 / month, you can play as long as you want, with priority access to NVIDIA’s virtual PC’s. They’re currently offering a free 90 day trial to their paid subscription so you can try it out for yourself.

2. How to use GeForce Now?

Installing NVIDIA GeForce Now is like installing any other Mac application.

Some things to note: your WiFi speed should be decent (at least a wired Ethernet or 5 GHz WiFi connection with minimum 15 Mbps) and a Mac running version 10.10 or newer.

To play games on GeForce Now on the Mac:

  1. Head over to NVIDIA’s Geforce Now’s download section: and download the app for Mac

Once it is installed, run the app from your Mac, and create an account or log in to your existing NVIDIA account if you have one

image source: NVIDIA

Once the GeForce Now app is up and running, you can browse through the games or search a keyword or game name to find any game. Add it to your Library

image source: NVIDIA

Press Play to launch the game

image source: NVIDIA
  1. You’ll be asked to sign in through either Steam, Origin, or Uplay to confirm your ownership of the game. You can also download or purchase the game while using the GeForce Now app if you don’t already own it
  2. Game on!

3. FAQ

Q: Will GeForce Now work on my old Macbook?

A: Yes! We’ve played Apex Legends, Warzone, and Fornite using GeForce Now on a MacBook 13" early 2013 version. As long as your internet connection is at least 15 Mbps or you are using a wired Ethernet connection, you should be good to play on NVIDIA GeForce Now!

Q: How do I test my internet speed?

A: To test your internet speed:

  1. Go to
  2. Search for internet speed test.
  3. Tap or click Run Speed Test.

Q: What games are available on GeForce Now?

A: For the full updated list, head over to NVIDIA’s official list at

Q: Are there free games on GeForce Now?

Yes! There are hundreds of free games on GeForce Now. Go to and toggle the “FREE?” column to sort by free games

Q: How do I check how much time is left on my playing time?

A: While you're playing a game using GeForce Now, press "CMD+G" and a sidebar will pop out. At the top of the sidebar, it should have a countdown clock from one hour. If you don't want to restart GeForce every hour, you can upgrade to the premium version for $5/month

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