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Dead Island 2 Leaked Demo

Dead Island 2 was originally scheduled for a Q2 2015 release but has been delayed after a series of developers leaving Deep Silver and transitioning the development of the game to Dambuster Studios, an internal studio in Deep Silver.

The game is a survival horror RPG, a sequel to Dead Island which came out in 2011. Taking place in California, the game has several new features from its predecessors.

On Twitter, a user with the handle @GarnetSunset tweeted out that Dead Island 2 had leaked.

He posted several more screenshots of the game play without confirming any details.

He claims this is the 2015 build of the game.

According to this post on Reddit, there is a download that has been posted on 4chan for the game and a server client. A quick Google search for "4chan dead island 2" will bring you to a post on 4chan with a download link hosted on a Google Drive.

The playable dev is apparently from 2015 from when Yager, the original Dead Island 2 developer was creating the game until Yager was dropped from developing the game.

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