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4 Things We Learned From Stadia Connect

Google is doing its best to stay in the cloud gaming business to compete with Sony, Microsoft, and Nvidia while trying to recover after a rough start. Unfortunately, their recent Stadia Connect event on July 14th may have missed the mark again, according to the denizens of Twitter.

Some were even surprised Google had the confidence to hold such an event. If nothing else, Stadia Connect is a reminder that Google hasn't given up on its streaming service yet. From content updates to new Stadia games, here are four things we learned from Stadia Connect.

Super Bomberman R Online

Many gamers are old enough to remember Bomberman. He was the cute bomb-laying hero that's graced our consoles since the original NES. The Bomberman series now has over 70 titles, and we're getting another one for the Google Stadia. Super Bomberman R Online is building on Super Bomberman R already out on the Nintendo Switch.

However, the Stadia version will have a new spin on the announced 64-player battle royale mode by allowing players to jump into a streamer's game with one click. Joining a streamer's game might sound fun until players realize they have to buy the game itself. Stadia doesn't have a very polished "pro" premium system, and it doesn't give access to "free" games as an Xbox Game Pass subscription does.


Google announced Outcasters during July 14th's Stadia Connect stream. When gameplay of Outcasters played during Stadia Connect, many believed it was from an up-and-coming indie studio trying to get into the multiplayer gaming scene.

Many were surprised to find out that Splash Damage, the developers behind the multiplayer for Batman: Arkham Origins, Gears of War 4, Gears 5, and Halo: The Master Chief Collection, would dive into the battle royale genre with such a vibrant-looking game.

Outcasters looks a little ambitious trying to take a different spin on the battle royale genre, but hopefully, it can draw people to the dwindling Stadia platform. Outcasters is exclusive to Stadia and will be free for Stadia Pro members.

Orcs Must Die! 3

No virtual event is complete without a free game. Of course, Google isn't just going to give a game away for free. They're going to give a free game to the two or three dedicated Stadia Pro members worldwide. Everyone else who wants to play this marriage between a tower defense and action game will have to drop $29.99 for it.

However, Orcs Must Die! 3 on Google Stadia looks to be even more exciting than its predecessors with massive waves, better traps, a more engaging story, and 4k resolution with 60fps on Stadia's servers.

The co-op aspect of Orcs Must Die! 3 also looks exciting. Tower defense-type games aren't known to be co-op friendly, so it's exciting to see how this turns out even though Google Stadia has yet to pump out a AAA first-party title limited-time exclusive to its system.

Stadia-Only Content

Image Credit: Sony

Google is trying to entice gamers into its cloud gaming platform by showcasing some developers they're working with to bring content exclusive to the Google Stadia. Harmonix, best known as the original developers behind the Guitar Hero series, is working with Google to come out with Stadia-only content.

It also looks like Supermassive Games, the company behind Until Dawn and Man of Medan are also putting their company's reputation on the line to work with Google Stadia. Hopefully, we'll see some award-winning horror or VR titles from them to get more people streaming from Google's servers.

Stadia Connect was a little underwhelming with a lack of new features announced, but hopefully, their next virtual event will bring something a little more exciting to get gamers on board with Google's cloud gaming platform.

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