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10 Things Only Animal Crossing Players Would Understand

If, like us, you've been cooped up inside with Animal Crossing: New Horizons, then this is the list for you. If not, here's hoping you find this amusing enough to take the plunge and join us on an island adventure.

1. Your virtual home is more important than your real one

After hours spent picking out wallpapers to match our rugs from Saharah, we can say with full certainty that we have never spent as much time on our real life homes as we have on our virtual one. Our  bedrooms are pretty messy, especially after weeks of social isolation, but our Animal Crossing homes are immaculate, and we will be listing interior decorating as one of our skills now.

Of course, there's no discussing our homes without discussing how much they cost.

2. Bells. So many bells.

Building your home takes a lot of bells, the in-game currency. Not only does Animal Crossing start you off with copious amounts of debt, but it further increases how many bells you owe with every house upgrade. This is no problem, however, for acquiring bells is an easy task. There are plenty of guides for making a quick buck, and plenty of tips from other gamers.

Many have found easy ways to make millions in game. So many, in fact, that Nintendo is desperately trying to make it more difficult.

But the best way to make money is through the stalk market.

Which leads us to our next point...

3. The turnips must flow

For many, the 'stalk market' is where the real game takes place.

Even celebrities are getting in on the turnip game.

We won't blame you for using resources like the Turnip Calculator or the Turnip Exchange to maximize your gains.

4. Tom Nook - Savior or Sinner?

Tom Nook may be the most polarizing figure we've seen in a video game. Some describe Tom Nook as a "capitalist crook".

But for every person out there smearing his name, there are hordes standing up in his defence.

His true nature? The world may never know.

5. Your neighbors say the darndest things

The neighbors are cute.

The neighbors are cuddly.

Quickscope's opinion: Flurry is the best neighbor

And sometimes, the neighbors are hilariously cruel.

Welcome to New Bark

6. The museum is the greatest place to be

If you're anything like us, you've spent countless just wandering your museum. Delightfully designed with all sorts of things to marvel at, Blathers and his collection are truly the heart and soul of our island.

With the new art gallery expansion, we're expecting this place to turn into our second home.

7. Fashion is more than an art. It's a lifestyle

They say that "clothes make a man", and never before has that been more true. The game comes jampacked with all sorts of clothes you can purchase and try out.

But the creativity that the custom designer unlocks is truly mesmerizing. The community designs we've seen have been incredible.

8. Visiting your loved ones has never been more appreciated

One of the hardest things we've faced in this global pandemic is how long it's been since we've seen our friends and family. Through our little virtual avatars, we've been loving the little connections we're able to maintain.

As expected, there's been a fair amount of silliness in many island gatherings.

Even cooler though, many community members have used Animal Crossing to simulate all kinds of real life events. We've seen engagements, birthdays, and full on weddings taking place. It's wonderful having a virtual space to conduct all of these things, especially now.

9. We spent how long watering our flowers??

It's 9:00am.

Wake up.

Check your mailbox.

Water your lily garden.

Water your second lily garden.

Water your pansy garden.

Your watering can is broken.

Run to resident services.

Craft a flimsy watering can.

Craft a watering can.

Water your rose garden.

Shake some trees.

Pull out your trusty stone axe and whack some trees.

Whack some rocks with your trusty stone axe.

Your trusty stone axe has broken.

Run to Resident Services.

Craft a flimsy axe.

Craft a stone axe.

Whack some more rocks.

Run to Nook's Cranny.

Check the turnip prices.

Go home.

Empty your inventory.

Pick up all your turnips.

Run to Nook's Cranny.

Sell your turnips for millions.

Use your millions to finally build that new bridge.

Check the clock.

6 hours have passed...

How did that happen?

10. It doesn't matter how many hours we've spent

Sure, it takes forever to set up our island and pay our dues to Tom Nook. At the end of the day, it's all worth it. This place is truly an island paradise, and the serenity that fills us as we stroll along our shorelines is unparalleled. We love it here, and we're never leaving.

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